How do I donate a car in Canada

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Is the non-profit organization based in Canada?

There are still monies in Canada that you have donated. To ensure that your money stays in Canada, donating from within Canada is the preferred method of giving when you are in the country. Do your homework and check the charity’s registration status with the Canada Revenue Agency before sending any money. Please make sure the money you donate from your vehicle is used to help Canadians. Research the charity’s reputation online to be certain that all donations remain in Canadian hands. Or you can simply ask. Do your research before donating your car to a non-profit organization that claims to be based in Canada but is actually located in the U.S.

Is the list of organizations small enough that it is manageable to peruse, and will your donation have a financial impact? Small and varied charities are more likely to succeed. But if the list is too long, your car donation will have little effect on the charity itself. On a long list of charities, it’s easy for people to overlook some worthwhile causes.

Is the corporation issuing a fair value tax receipt for your automobile?

There may be an issue with donors and charities being over-valued by Canada Revenue Agency. There is no guarantee that the largest tax bill is the best. It is not uncommon for corporations to drastically undervalue a $50 receipt. This is an underestimation of the situation. Make a list of the fair market worth of your automobile. Homeless Cars will always provide a fair market value for the vehicle they are attempting to sell. An audit or cancellation of the tax receivable is almost eliminated. You can get a tax receipt from Homeless Cars.

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