How do I donate a car in Ontario

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Needed Supplies Before Beginning

As a first step, you must either own the vehicle or have the authority to sell it if you’re dealing with an estate. Basically, you can’t donate your annoying neighbor’s obnoxiously loud car to charity.

These groups can also only accept autos that are free of liens. If you purchased your vehicle privately and didn’t run a lien check on it, do it immediately.

Fill out an online form or give the charity a phone call and give them the information they need so they can decide whether or not they can take your vehicle regardless of how you donate.

Third-Party Donation of Your Vehicles

You’ll be able to find a number of groups online that will either recycle or auction your automobile. These organizations work with a host of charities. Below are two such national organizations. If you opt to give your vehicle here, the charity receiving your donation will issue you your tax receipt.

Donate a Car is used by a number of charities, from the Canadian Cancer Society to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Many local and regional charities also receive money from this organization.

Car Heaven is run by Automotive Recyclers of Canada.  They cooperate with several charities, including the Canadian Red Cross, Green Communities Canada, Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada, and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

No Option Is Wrong

Regardless of how you donate your car to charity, know that the organisation will appreciate your donation. Some charities utilize a third party that can focus on a highly specific area of expertise, and others pay someone to administer that program in-house. What counts in the end is that you’re aiding an organization whose mission is one you embrace.

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