What charities should you not donate to

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America’s Cancer Society

Cancer Fund of America is merely one of the numerous charitable organizations operated by James T. Reynolds and his somewhat shady family. It’s bad enough that Reynolds earns approximately $230,000 per year (and properly tells you all you need to know about where your donations are going). Even worse is the fact that the charity (and we use the term “charity” in the loosest conceivable sense) only gives 2.5% of its donations to support the families of cancer victims and fund cancer research (its ostensible raison d’ĂȘtre). Donate if you wish to support Reynolds’ lavish lifestyle. If you would rather that your money go to the intended recipients, you may want to locate a more suitable cause.

Foundation for Children’s Wants

There is a considerable risk that someone reading the name of the next organization on our list may confuse it with The Make-a-Wish Foundation, which is significantly more well-known and trustworthy. Due to the similarity of the two names, anybody with a skeptical disposition would suspect that the Children’s Wish Foundation executives had either never heard of their “nearly” namesake or were attempting to piggyback on its reputation. Given Linda Dozoretz’s less-than-stellar reputation, we must choose the second option.

Fund for Police Safety

The Police Protection Fund is just another organization that should carry a “donor beware” notice. The fund is the third in a series of ridiculous attempts by creators David Dierks and Phil LeConte to extort money from charitable Americans under the guise of donations to the nation’s police forces. Given that just 0.7% of the donations split throughout all three trusts went to our meritorious officers (the rest went into the bank accounts of Dierks, LeConte, and the unscrupulous attorneys eager to defend them), you would be better off putting your money in the bank.

Vietnam’s National Administration

Next, we have the National Headquarters of Vietnow. As its name implies, the organization aids our nation’s heroes by providing housing, mental health care, and educational opportunities to those in need. A worthwhile cause is well deserving of a few money from your salary. Alternatively… In actuality, barely 3% of their contributions reach Vietnam Veterans. The remainder performs an excellent job of bolstering the bank accounts of the corrupt foundation’s directors.

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