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When trials do happen, they are exceedingly boring.

Anyone who’s had jury duty knows that trials are frequently tedious and plodding. Believe me, lawyers know this too, but most of us can’t control the temptation to talk a lot – using really large words — even though we’re lousy public speakers. The individuals that suffer the most are court workers (and I should know, I used to be a court clerk) (and I should know, I used to be a court clerk). These poor folks have to endure attorneys droning on the day in and day out, with only the rare entertaining moment. (I remember one great day when I was a court clerk when a mom started breastfeeding her four-year-old during her testimony).


You may have just graduated from law school, but you haven’t seen anything yet.

“Law school doesn’t actually teach you how to practice law,” Devereux argues.. But don’t worry, eventually, with more practice (pun intended) you’ll get the feel of the skill set and sort of law you’re practising. ”

You may not pass the bar on the first try.

The bar test wasn’t exactly built with everyone in mind. “Here’s the thing. The bar exam—like most academic examinations in our country—was first designed by white, affluent, powerful males (a.k.a. the patriarchy) who very much wanted to keep their authority,” Rodgers adds. While the exam and its criteria have altered little over the years, it’s still going to be hard to pass.

So did Michelle Obama. So did Hilary Clinton,” Rodgers says. “You can persist.” Her finest study advice includes using flashcards, and putting them up all over the place in your house so that the data sink in.


Why should that be so?

The solution lies in the function of the legal profession in the political and social fabric of Western democracy So much is clearly stipulated in section 29 of the Legal Profession Act.

Our society depends on a strong autonomous legal profession. While the courts sit at the top of the profession, they depend on the efficient and effective functioning of lawyers playing their role in the administration of the law. That is not confined to litigious labor but extends to all sorts of legal work.


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